Bobby Clark

Born and raised in New Jersey, relocating to the rural Common Wealth of Pennsylvania in 1993 Bobby Clark is a New American Country/Rock Recording artist/song writer. Growing up listening to Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. Now his own music is captivating listeners from all ages and around the world. Bobby Clark mixes it up and has a distinctive high/low vocal range that is very appealing to the listener’s ear. On June 12th 2015 His Debut Album BOBBY CLARK “Play it Hard” was released to a sold out show. Recorded in Old Forge P.A. at SI Studios and produced by friend and band percussionist CHRIS CONDEL. The album covers all bases of the heart strings! Songs like OLD SPEEDWAY, YANKEE PLOWBOY, COWGIRL UP, PLAY IT HARD and CRANEY are being discovered and welcomed by listeners’ worldwide. These songs and others could be heard on JANGO, SPOTIFY and other internet radio stations along with several download sites such as iTunes Music, CD Baby Music Store, etc. Signing with AMI Entertainment in January 2016, BOBBY CLARK “Play It Hard” can also be heard throughout the U.S. on all AMI jukeboxes.

Not only is his music mouthwatering, the show is just as appealing. His love for music, friends and family show in his personality and MUSIC! Bobby Clark was nominated 13 times in the Pennsylvania's Greater Lehigh Valley Music Awards for: Outstanding Male Artist, Best Album of 2015 (Play it Hard), Discovery Artist of the Year, Outstanding Song (Play it Hard), Outstanding Band, Outstanding Singer/Song Writer, Outstanding All Around Performer and best Music Website. Playing over One hundred shows a year, check out this new upcoming artist check out BOBBY CLARK!

Chris Condel



Christopher Ryan Condel (that’s me) was born on March 19th 1975. I grew up in a small town called Lake Ariel Pennsylvania. Early on in life I gravitated to the drums. On various trips to the grocery store my Mom would lose me briefly only to fine me in the cereal aisle with a bunch of the round Quaker oats containers set up around me like a drum set.

At age 9 I begged my Mother to let me play Saxophone (don’t ask me why). She tried like heck to convince me to play drums (listen to your mother kids). Well I hated the Sax and wanted to quit. Only to have my Mom say “you can quit Sax but you must try the drums.” At age 10 I picked up the sticks and that was it, love!!! I played in marching band, concert band, jazz band and any other kind of band I could get into all through high school. Took lessons, practiced all the time (my parents were very patient). But got burned out before graduating High School. So I went to Bloomsburg for business management (yeah I know, stupid move). I did however, play in the marching band there and that’s where I met Kim (then girlfriend with hot legs now wife with hot legs), at band camp (insert American Pie joke here).

Soon I did realize I am not the “business management” type and switched my major to Audio/Visual recording technologies. It was then I met Tom and Wiggy at Sound Investments recording studio in Scranton while interning there. Life changed… I have been a studio drummer, engineer, coffee maker, and producer there ever since.. I’ve played in several bands throughout the years. A jam band called Captain Zig was my first love. Then when they broke up I was introduced to George Wesley a local Reggae legend through the studio.. Life changed again.. He needed a drummer for one song on his album and it turned into a 12+ year relationship.. We traveled up and down the East coast playing casino’s, festivals (big and small), bars and clubs all over the place.. Three albums and many awards.
Then bam sometime around 2013 hit and everything seemed to slow down or dry up all together.. Then enter a goofy wedding DJ named Bobby Clark (people say Larry the Cable Guy, I say Luke Bryant we all have our opinions) into the music store I work at.. He says he’s a wedding DJ but wants to be a singer and songwriter… Life changed once more.. We connected and it produced a chemistry that people can see in the audience.. Cut to Christmas 2014 where a gift of recording time with studio musicians (me included) from me and Bobby’s lovely wife Rachel and Play it Hard was born.

Anyways, now you are here in my life story.. A wanna be aging Country/Rock star with a great loving wife and two super terrific kids trying to keep going without going insane… Thanks for reading!!

Keith Walck

Keith Walck approaches the guitar with a sense of prepared recklessness. He knows that entertainment is only exciting if some risks are taken. There's a reason NASCAR races happen at 200 mph.

Growing up watching Hee Haw, Keith could not help but be impressed by the technical skills of Roy Clark. Once on "The Tonight Show", Mr. Clark broke a guitar string. He never missed a beat. That was a watershed moment for Keith. No matter how prepared you are, you have to embrace the unforseen. That's where the magic happens.

Rock music, with its larger than life players, soon caught Keith's eye. And no one was as visually arresting as Ace Frehley. But the music was every bit as vital as the image. It was Ace's catchy solos that made Keith want to Rock and Roll All Nite (And Practice Every Day.)

When Keith performs today, he injects energy into the music with a blend of familiar musical themes sprinkled with some unusual note choices. At the heart of it all is the pure child like joy that Keith gets from making music. Listening to Keith play is like eating Pop Rocks for the first time: You're not really sure what's going on, but you know you'd like it to keep happening.